Welcome to the NCFX Client portal

The NCFX Client Portal is where you can access our live FX data.  There are a number of ways in which our data can be used by you, so please select from the following options:

Web Data: If you would like to reference transactions using our web-based data, then please select ‘Web Data’.  You will be able to search our data by currency pair and time (down to milliseconds) in order to establish where the mid rate was when you traded.  By doing so you can see what your partner bank or broker has charged you from the mid-rate to transact.

Excel Add-in: If you would like to establish your own Time Weighted Average Prices (TWAP) and One Minute Fixes, then please download our Excel Add-In.  The Excel Add-in searches our database and allows you to build bespoke reference benchmarks.  If you know that your deal got executed between 2:14pm and 3:28pm on a Wednesday in June, then you can build a bespoke TWAP against which to measure your cost of execution.

RESTful API: If you have a tick database and would like to store our data then please connect via our RESTful API.  Once you have the data feed connected, you can access live rates, One Minute Fixes or TWAP data.

FiX Engine:  If you represent an ECN and wish to provide clients with the ability to peg orders to a truly independent live market data feed, then connect via our FiX Engine.


Web DataExcel-Add-inRestful-APIFIX Engine